Writing with passion

Have you ever read a post that showed how much the writer cared about their subject? Did it enthrall you? Were you captivated by it?

Writing with passion in your posts in the opposite of boring. It is what sets you apart from the usual humdrum of writers who churn out stuff just for the sake of it.

People are naturally attracted to passion, enthusiasm, inspiration. It lifts them up, provides hope, gives meaning to their lives.

How passionate are you about your blog?

Do you have a strong desire to write your next post? Does your blog call to you every time you pass by your computer or laptop? Do you see potential blogging subjects whenever you are out and about?

Now don’t get me wrong by confusing passion with obsession. The latter can certainly stimulate the necessary driving force and persistent motivation that is required to stimulate writing with passion in your blog.

But passion is the healthy form, enthusiastically keeping bloggers on their toes, being aware of their readers, constantly learning new skills and employing them to their advantage.

Passion is a positive force. It can only do good. It stimulates more content, better writing, improved communication with readers, the search for relevant subjects and the ability to deliver what readers want.

How does writing with passion affect you?

A passionate post is a joy to read. It is entertaining and stimulating. It gives the necessary boost to keep on reading.

And this should also affect you as a writer.

First, you need to be totally sure you are blogging about the right subject? Does it inspire you? How much do you know about it? Will you enjoy learning more about it?

Without your own interest and full attention, your blogging will droop. Writing with passion comes from within. It needs a spark, an inward fire, to kindle your motivation and keep you writing.

What are you writing about?

Do you love your chosen niche or subject? Are you good at doing it? Does it give you satisfaction when you’ve completed a task? Are you proud of the results?

Even those bloggers who are still in the developmental stage still exude passion because of their enthusiasm and drive. They describe their depth of feeling, write about their highs and lows, broadcast their successes and failures, laugh at the fun bits and cry at the disasters – all with the same excited, emotional and positive outlook.

There’s no need to go overboard with your passion. Know where and when to stop. There needs to be an equilibrium, otherwise you may put your readers off.

Sure they need to be entertained, and its trendy for writers to be transparent and honest. But know where the limits are and respect your readers, their intellect and expectations. Use your writing with passion with empathy as well as exuberance.

How does passionate writing affect your blog?

Putting passion into your writing will make it more attractive to new readers. Your posts become interesting, exciting, a joy to read. Readers can sense this enthusiasm. This becomes infectious and stimulates popularity.

A post with passion will command more attention, and will immediately become more noticeable and desirable. People like crowds, as they are naturally curious to know what’s going on. Let your writing with passion give them what they crave.

Passion takes your writing up to the next level, and you can do this by understanding other passions as well. What bothers your readers, keeps them up at night, stops them from doing what they want to do?

Can you provide the solution to these problems, and it is something you are passionate about? Could you reveal this in your blog? Would this excite your readers’ passion and improve their lives?

You have to work at it

Finding something to always be writing with passion isn’t easy, but it does set your blog apart from others in your niche.

Therefore it is worth finding out what your readers want to read, and passionately writing about it. Research which subjects other successful bloggers are talking about, and then repurpose it with your own passion and point of view.

However, a passionate post that isn’t relevant to your readers or to your chosen subject can fall upon stony ground.

Work out how writing with passion can relate to your audience, to make them feel involved, included and appreciated. Can they also feel your passion, benefit from your knowledge, and experience what you give them?

How to start writing with passion

You must not to let your passion dry up. Feed it through extensive learning, wide reading and unlimited enthusiasm as you absorb as much information as you can about your chosen subject.

The more you know, the more passion this should generate, and this should increase the desire to tell others about it. Especially if you are able to put another slant on it that other bloggers don’t have.

What’s different about you? What do you have that sets you apart from other bloggers? What encouraging tips and tricks can you impart? Can you explain something another way? Does educating, entertaining and bringing enlightenment to others give you satisfaction?

Imparting passion should be as enjoyable to you as it is for your readers to receive it. Perfect your writing with passion through lots of practise, as the more you do of it, the easier it will become.

If you have sufficient passion in what you want to say, blogging should be relatively easy, especially in draft form. Just let it spill out onto the page or through the keyboard, release that valve in your thoughts and let the ideas flow.

Understanding passion

Passion in your writing should spring out at your reader. It should touch them without prejudice or criticism. It needs to be genuine, authentic, transparent and honest.

It should show your own desires, aspirations and visions for the future. You should share your thoughts, ideas and observations. Nothing should be kept back, unless, of course, it is detrimental.

Passion is deeply personal, but you should adapt it so that it can be made available to all those who are interested, so they can experience it too.

But be aware passion alone cannot make your fortune. Don’t expect immediate results in monetary value. But it will give you readers, followers and a thought-leader status.

You will gain a higher reputation, and if your passion is authentic, more respect. Your writing will improve, your powers of communication will be extended, and your blog will reach new heights.

And sometimes that is all thanks you will need.

About the Author

Alice Elliott

Alice Elliott writes the Beginner Bloggers blog for beginner and post-beginner bloggers to “explain things really simply” about blogging and WordPress. She specialises in simple, easy to understand, highly visual courses and tutorials using ordinary, everyday words. Why not also visit her award winning Fairy Blog Mother blog to learn some more.

    • Thank you Jo. Passion can be very persuasive in attracting readers to your blog, as it is enthusiasm that makes it stand out above all the others. If you love doing what you do, this will be perceived by your followers, who will then be more likely to react favourably with you.

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