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Two people reblogged my blog post the other day!

No, it wasn’t from this blog, but from another I regularly guest post for.

Having your blog post reblogged is a kind of compliment, because it means someone liked it enough to want to share it properly with their readers by placing it on their blog.

When copying is allowed

Any repetition or reproducing on the web is not tolerated, especially by the search engines.

In fact Google comes down very hard on anything it deduces as duplicated, giving black marks to both blogs in question.

You definitely don’t want this, especially in this precarious world of trying to maintain your blog’s ranking so that it has a better chance of being read.

But reblogging is programmed in such a way that it is accepted by the search engines. And this is a feature that blogs have.

How did I know?

The first thing I knew that my post had been reblogged was from an email sent to me from WordPress:

Notifcation of a reblogged post

This is a very pleasant surprise, and the most obvious thing would be to click on the big blue ‘Visit Reblog’ button to see where your post has been reblogged:

Reblogged blog post

This image makes things a little small, but you probably will have noticed my avatar (little portrait) of me:

Showing original post

Which acknowledges where the post originally came from and who wrote it.

And another important element of a reblogged post is that it is not reproduced in full:

Show read more link

And a ‘more’ link is automatically created back to the original post, and conveniently shows how many words are left to read. Luckily for me this is not a very long post, or a larger number of words may have put readers off!

How do you reblog a post?

Well, let’s go to the original post and see what made those readers reblog my post.

At the bottom of the post are various social sharing buttons:

The reblog button location

(If you want to know more about social sharing buttons, you can read all about them in my Settings: Sharing post.)

You can see I have ringed the ‘Reblog’ button. Interestingly it is only present if you have a blog and you’re logged in.

Let’s reblog this post on my blog. I clicked on the ‘Reblog’ button:

Reblogging box comes up

And the reblogging menu box came up.

The next thing was to write something meaningful in the update field, select which blog I wanted the post to go to:

Fill in reblogging box

And click on the big blue ‘Reblog Post’ button.

The button changes to say ‘Reblogging’ which is very exciting, and then everything disappears. This obviously means the transaction has happened, and the next thing would be go to my blog to see what has happened.

But before I did, I just refreshed the blog to notice the ‘Reblog’ button had changed:

Showing a reblogged button

and when I looked further down I also saw more evidence:

Showing the reblogging

How does this relate to sharing?

Well, the very act of reblogging a blog using this method means you are sharing this post with your readers because you thought it was worth it and it would be of value to them.

This in turn is giving that post a much wider audience than it would have before.

Basically is the same as if you had clicked on any of the social sharing buttons to share the post with your social media followers, but this time it is to your blog readers instead.

And sharing other content in this way shows that you appreciate other bloggers’ work, you read widely and take time to find out as much as you can about other subjects, and sharing it with your followers will contribute towards you becoming known for your knowledge and expert status.

And you never know, that reblogged blog’s author may reblog one of your posts in return!

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  • Thanks for sharing..! this is the first visiting of your blog, and I really this tutorial.

    Honestly, I use wordpress for almost 4 years but I never clear about reblogging. I know that it was programmed for sharing other content on our blog.

    I know that it may not effect to search engine because the function ready add rel=”canonical” attribute.

    Have nice day..
    Kimsea Sok recently posted…6 Brilliant Advice On Starting A Blog Help To Solve Biggest ProblemsMy Profile

    • Thanks Kimsea, but remember this facility is only found on a blog. I’ve searched for a suitable plugin for the blog, but haven’t found the equivalent. If any one out there knows of one, could they tell me?

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