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Yeah, this is the usual corny 'welcome' post you find in a new blog.

But hey, I've got to start somewhere! And I wanted to see what happens to my blog posts in this fancy new Thrive theme.

Yes, I've paid for a premium theme with lots of gadgets and gizmos, which I am itching to try out (time willing) to make this website as exciting as possible.

So watch this space. And later, once I've uploaded a few of my courses and training videos, I'll set up a membership section, and that's when things will certainly start to fly!

Meanwhile, bear with me, and if you are feeling generous, leave some encouraging comments to give me that necessary boost I will probably need.

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Alice Elliott writes the Beginner Bloggers blog for beginner and post-beginner bloggers to “explain things really simply” about blogging and WordPress. She specialises in simple, easy to understand, highly visual courses and tutorials using ordinary, everyday words. Why not also visit her award winning Fairy Blog Mother blog to learn some more.

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