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The key to making blogging easier is simplicity.

Because simplicity takes away all the complexity that causes confusion.

And there is certainly a lot of stuff around that would confuse a beginner blogger just starting out in their blogging career, which they really don’t need.

Do you really mean ‘beginner’?

I keep an eye on lots of blogs that claim to help beginners. But the reality is far from the truth. What these particular bloggers think is simple stuff for a beginner to understand, really isn’t.

There are plenty of beginner bloggers who don’t appreciate being confronted with a load of code to create something that really can be easily created without.

It means nothing to them. It might as well be Chinese. And there is nothing more off-putting than seeing this stuff and thinking you’ll never get the hang of this blogging lark.

WordPress does make blogging easier

Look, I don’t gain anything by promoting WordPress! I just think this is the best blogging platform around. It is easy to understand, intuitive (well, it used to be until they started messing about with it!) and extremely simple to use.

And the best place to learn about blogging is on a blog.

Yes, I know, most of the ‘How to create a WordPress blog’ courses and workshops are aimed at a self-hosted or blog, where you buy a hosting package and you have complete control over what you can do on it.

But this is all very well for those who already have a bit of techie experience. And I see a lot of bloggers who aren’t blessed with this kind of knowledge, desperately trying to cope with the extra demands a self-hosted blog requires.

Cut your teeth the simple way

I started my blogging journey on some 9 years ago. I’ve watched it change and develop as technology advanced and developed over the years, and I’m amazed at what a hosted blog can do for you.

And I still have this blog today, albeit severely neglected. It is there for me to play with, write posts that don’t fit into my other blogs, and explore what new facilities are available whenever they are announced. This is all part of my research into finding ways to make blogging easier for you.

And does have a lot of facilities that are available as standard. You can’t add extra working parts to it, but what is there is certainly adequate to make a fully functional and working blog. It even has a few extra exciting bits up its sleeve.

And, above all, it is an excellent medium to make blogging easier for real beginner bloggers who haven’t taken off the cellophane yet and really need all the help possible to get started.

Best of both worlds

Luckily how WordPress works is universal between the two kinds. I mean the process of writing a post and creating a page. So if you learn on, you’ll find the transition to a much easier and happier experience.

There are so many things to learn about blogging and using a blogging platform that many people don’t experience. They just jump straight into the deep-end without their water-wings and wonder why they start drowning.

And I find many of the problems they encounter could be overcome, or even avoided, if they had had foundational blogging lessons from the beginning, specially created to make blogging easier.

OK, you will probably look at WordPress, think “I can do this” and plough straight in. This is all well and good, but your experience would be much better and therefore successful if you knew what to look out for and what all those gadgets, widgets or whatever meant beforehand.

It’s not always obvious

As I mentioned above, the process towards making blogging easier is simplicity, especially in a good grounding in learning how to do it.

And as I’m focusing on the midlife blogger (though any age is welcome!) because I believe this social group have a harder time of it.

They haven’t grown up with technology from the cradle. Mastering this sort of thing is more difficult if it hasn’t been around you 24/7, like the children of today.

Learning technology is not always obvious. What is clear and simple to some, may not be to others. They may require a different mindset, another kind of explanation, a reference to things they can relate to, alternative methods of showing what comes next, or even just another set of priorities!

The process needs to be slower, simpler, more measured. I like to focus on cause and effect, for reassurance purposes. If you’re nervous about technology, being confronted with a row of symbols and worrying about what they do, isn’t conducive towards self-learning.

That’s what this blog is for

I’ve created this blog to make blogging easier for you.

With simple, clear, obvious teaching, the process of creating a blog can become an enjoyable and exciting experience. I’m not going to bombard you with difficult techie stuff. I want to show you, slowly, step-by-step, what you need to do to fully understand your blog.

And I will also be exploring the process of blogging. I know there are loads of other blogs out there spouting out this kind of content, so go and read them! Where do you think I get my ideas from? The answer is I will examine what I have gleaned and reproduce it in my point of view, my stance in how to make blogging easier, my concept of a simpler blogging life!

To enable me teach you the easy way, I will also need your input. I want to know what you want to know. Only then can I produce the kind of blogging lessons that will be of value to you, that have a proper meaning and purpose, rather than what I think is important.

Leave your suggestions in the comment box below. Or you could sign up to my beginner bloggers community in the sidebar or underneath this post. Then you’ll be the first to know whenever I produce my new lessons, tutorials, courses and workshops, all designed to make blogging easier for you!

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