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When I created a homepage on my blog for the benefit of writing a how-to post about it, I noticed there was a comment box at the bottom.

comment box on homepage

Which I realised I didn’t want. Comment boxes are for blog posts, not pages.

So this is how you get rid of them.

Go to the Dashboard via mousing over ‘My Sites’ in the top left corner and selecting ‘WP Admin’ from the drop-down menu:

My Sites drop down menu

Or in a self-hosted blog, mouse over your blog’s name and select ‘Dashboard’ from the drop-down menu:

Getting to the Dashboard

From the left sidebar, select ‘Pages’ > ‘All Pages’:

Select All Pages

Which will take you to ‘Pages’ which lists all the page titles.

If you mouse over the title of a page, in this case ‘Home’, editing links appear.

Click on the ‘Quick Edit’ link:

Quick Edit Pages

And this will open into the full Quick Edit menu:

Quick Edit Menu for Homepage

Locate ‘Allow Comments’ and unclick the box in front of it:

Uncheck Allow Comments

Then click on the green ‘Update’ button to save what you have done.

Then go and look at the homepage. Mouse over ‘My Sites’ in the top left corner and select ‘View Site’ from the drop-down menu:

View Site link in dashboard sidebar

In a self-hosted blog, mouse over the name of your blog and select ‘Visit Site’ from the drop down menu:

View Site on a self-hosted blog

And you’ll see the comment box has gone from your homepage:

Homepage with no comment box

Now repeat these actions for all the other pages you don’t want comment boxes on.

If you have a self-hosted blog and you want to permanently remove comment boxes from your pages, you can do so via the CSS code. This post from my Fairy Blog Mother blog tells you how.

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