How to communicate your news
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You shouldn’t shy away from telling your readers about what has happened to you recently.

You may think they’re not interested, but how do you know? It’s up to you to make this news interesting, entertaining and a thoroughly good read. This is all part of how your communicate with them. And if you are successful at doing this, then they would love to know about what you have done.

What’s happened to me recently?

Out of the blue I got a Google+ notification that someone had included one of my posts in a roundup.

Now a roundup post is where a blogger does a bit of research and gathers together either contributions from influencer bloggers, or links to posts that are relevant to the subject he or she is talking about.

In my case, I found my post rubbing shoulders with all sorts of high-ranking bloggers. This is quite something for me. You see, I still consider myself climbing the ranks in the blogging world, so to be picked out like this was quite an honour.

This is the post: and even though I’m second from the bottom, I was very excited to see myself there.

And the Google+ notification was how the author could communicate to draw my attention to it. I responded by leaving a comment, sending a thank you tweet, and now blogging about it. This is the least I can do for such attention.

Let’s get visual

When you’re blogging, it’s a good to have at the back of your mind how you communicate with your readers. It’s worth considering whatever you write about should be useful to them and would make a difference to their lives.

And you may even receive in return responses such as comments on your blog and/or social media, plus likes and shares and even people talking about you to someone else. This is how my readers communicate their appreciation to me.

But sometimes there are more visual comebacks which compliment what you’ve been doing. In this case it was finding my blog in the resources section of a blogging book.

Blogging for writers by Robin HoughtonYes, my daughter bought me this book, Blogging for Writers by Robin Houghton, for Christmas. Naturally I was pleased, even though a little daunted about when I was going to find the time to read it, when flicking through the pages I came across a screen-shot of my blog!

This certainly impressed my daughter! My recent posts about comments had been picked up and referenced in that particular section. It’s nice to know that what I had written was so appreciated.

My next task is to read this book thoroughly, and then write a review about. This will draw more attention to the book (and possibly my contribution in it) and also inspire me to write a book of my own (wishful thinking).

Let’s get out and about

The time of conferences is upon us! And for me this year is no exception.

Last year I was asked to speak at two conferences, and for this year it is three so far. Wow! It does mean I have to put some special thought in to ensure what I deliver is good value.

And speaking at conferences is all about how you communicate with the delegates. I will only have about half an hour to make an impression, get my knowledge across and give my listeners something practical they can take home to use or try.

I don’t want to overload them with too much information, or confuse them with stuff that’s too complicated.  And there is that fine line towards satisfying the beginners and those who have more experience. Both want to go home happy.

Speaking at BritMums Live! 2015At BritMums Live! in June I shall be presiding over the Experts’ Tables to give advice about how to use WordPress, and later to talk about how business bloggers can effectively use LinkedIn to raise their profiles. In both cases I’ll have to get my thinking cap on. Let’s hope the questions are too deep or technical so I can answer them properly! You can find out more here.

FunFest Blogger SummitBefore that I’m speaking at FunFest Blogger Summit in April. This is a new departure for me! I hope to inspire my listeners with scintillating facts about ‘How to get your blog noticed’ for both readers and brands. Find our more about what’s happening here.

30-40BloggerMeet 2015And in May I’ve been invited to speak at 30-40+ Blogger Meet in my home town of Reading. I’m really pleased about this, as this gives an opportunity to meet other midlife bloggers, who tend to get a bit overlooked behind all those mummy-bloggers taking over! Again I’ll be talking about how to attract more readers to your blog. Do come along and support me, further details are available here.

National UK Blog Awards 2015And last but not least, I’m a finalist again at the National UK Blog Awards. I won the 2014 Digital and Technology Category and this year I’m shortlisted again for this, along with the PR, Marketing, Media and Communications Category (what a mouthful!). This is happening in two weeks, and I haven’t a thing to wear, as it’s in a posh hotel in London. You can find out more here, and don’t forget to watch the video as I’m featured in it!

To communicate is cool

Blogging is about communicating with your readers, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Use social media to drive people back to your posts, send regular newsletters to the subscribers you’ve gathered, and get other bloggers to notice you by commenting on their blogs and in other forums.

Your newsletter is a great tool to communicate your news. Hopefully all those people who have signed up are nice and receptive (warm) to what you do, so telling them about your latest achievements should not be a bother. Link to a blog post that contains all the juicy information as a way to communicate what you want them to know, rather than stuffing it all into your latest newsletter issue.

But don’t brag about your news in social media groups, as that is a turn off. Your profile update is the best place for this, and I often browse down my timeline to see what’s going on in people’s lives. Don’t say too much, just give out the most sensational facts.

If you want to communicate your news in groups, hide it within a discussion point. If you’ve got this right, the response you receive will attract more readers. And if they are interested, they will click on your link to read your blog.

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