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This is a continuation of my previous post about placing navigation links on your sidebar.

What if you wanted your sidebar navigation to only show up on certain pages?

Normally any widget placed on your blog’s sidebars will show on all the pages. However, provides a wonderful facility that allows you to choose which widgets are shown on certain pages in your blog.

(If you have a self-hosted blog or website, you will need to upload the JetPack plugin to achieve this.)

Determine your widget visibility

Go to the ‘Widgets’ page via ‘Appearances’ (in the left sidebar), and look at the ‘Custom Menu’ widget you placed on your blog’s sidebar.

Next to the green ‘Save’ button inside a widget you will have noticed the ‘Visibility’ button:

Showing the Visibility button in a widget

Let your curiosity get the better of you and click on it to open up the Visibility option:

Open Visibility option

Don’t be daunted by what you see. It is merely a matter of turning things off or on.

Today we’re exploring how to show the widget that controls your sidebar navigation on specially chosen pages.

So we will want to keep the option ‘Show’ in the top drop-down menu:

Keep the 'show' option

Next we need to select ‘Page’ from the first drop down menu below:

Select page in first drop down menu

This is telling the widget that it will be visible (hence why you chose ‘Show’ above) only on a certain page.

By selecting ‘Page’, the second option will also show ‘Page’ by default:

Page automatically shows in the second drop down menu

Now you need to tell the widget which page it will only show the sidebar navigation on.

Select your desired page from the second drop down menu:

Select a certain page in the second drop down menu

And once selected, the ‘Visibility’ menu confirms this ‘Custom Menu’ widget will only show on the ‘About Alice’ page’s sidebar:

Specially page is selected

And nowhere else!

After you’ve clicked the green ‘Save’ button, go look at your blog’s sidebars to see if this is true!

You can add your widget to more specially selected pages via the ‘Add’ link:

Add more special pages to the widget

And a second lot of options becomes available:

Second visibility options available

And now you can choose another specific page, or maybe the homepage, or perhaps the blog post listings page…

Choosing a different specific page

The top page options are there if you haven’t got a homepage for your blog, and the homepage is the blog listings page by default.

You could select ‘Post’ in the middle, and the widget would only show up in the individual posts’ pages without being on the listings page.

Choose whatever visibility option you like, and don’t forget to click the green ‘Save’ button:

Saving your two visibility options

And then have fun checking out which page shows the sidebar navigation on your blog!

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