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Hi, my name is Alice Elliott, and if you haven’t already listened to the video above, please do so now.

So now you know how Beginner Bloggers came about. Back in 2008 I created the award winning Fairy Blog Mother blog to help real beginner and non-technical bloggers understand about blogging as simply as possible.

In it I posted simple explanations about how to blog, combined with discussions, explorations and visual examples of other aspects of blogging.

However, I wanted somewhere to house all the tutorials and other explanations about blogging so they could be easily located, without being immersed amongst all the other stuff I was writing about. So I created Beginner Bloggers as a beginner’s haven to find out about blogging from Level 0.

But aren’t there other beginner bloggers sites?

Whenever I come across other ‘beginner’ blogs, I’m always amazed at how they are NOT for beginners. Their authors expect their readers to have some prior knowledge of blogging, HTML and other coding languages, web development or digital marketing.

Now I know that all this would leave real beginner bloggers cold, let alone make them take to their heels and run away! A real beginner knows nothing about all that. They are still at the “what does this do?” stage, frightened to touch anything unless the computer blows up.

So as well as showing and explaining what you need to do, I also encourage you along the way. I reassure you that I was once also non-techie like you, not understanding all this jargon, and constantly derided by web-developers (who were younger than my children) for not understanding what they were trying to teach me.

You see, real beginner bloggers, especially if those that are midlife or older, need more patience, less assumptions and clearer instructions, including “before and after” screen shots to reassure them what’s happening.

Let me know what you want

I need to know if:

  • I’ve got my teaching methods right
  • I’ve missed anything out
  • there’s anything specific you want to find out
  • there are any problems or gaps in your knowledge
  • there is anything you don’t understand

And then I can get on with creating a post, tutorial or e-course to explain, rectify and/or teach you about it!

If there’s anything you’d like to tell me, let me know through the form below:

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