Are you a beginner blogger?

Would you like a safe haven where you can learn and ask questions about blogging?

Welcome to Beginner Bloggers, the sister blog of Fairy Blog Mother, specially created to house blogging tutorials to help you at the beginning of your blogging careers.

The kind of people we aim to help are:

Midlife bloggers

Non-techie bloggers

Slower paced bloggers

Nervous bloggers

Can you relate yourself to any of the above?

Then you’re in the right place. We specialise in creating tutorials and courses for real beginners, those who need help right from the start.

There’s no need to feel self-conscious, no question is ever stupid, you don’t need to understand everything immediately, and you can do your learning at your own pace.

That’s why we’ve created the kind of learning that is well known for being “explained really simply”:

Easy to understand

Step by step learning

Using everyday, ordinary language

Explaining through visual examples

Just started?

If you’re just beginning your blog, you’re in luck! I’ve created a fabulous infographic (a lesson in pictures) to guide you in the right direction before you begin. (And even if you have already, it’s never too late!) Click on the button below to find out:

Browse through this site to find what you need

Use the search box at the top of the sidebar. If you can’t find a tutorial on a particular subject, please let us know. This blog is still relatively young, so new stuff is being uploaded all the time.

And we would certainly value suggestions and requests, so we can provide the content you really want and need.

Meanwhile, read the latest from our blog:

How to create a blog if you’re a real beginner

If you go into Google and type in "How to create a blog", you'll be confronted with a huge amount of tutorials in all sorts of guises all claiming to show you how. Some of them will be OK, some will be totally awful, but I bet the majority of them won't understand how to teach a real beginner. I know, I have watched and read enough of them to know this. All for res [...]

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Comparing blog post writing pages

This is the third in my series about comparing the new and old layouts. Previously I have compared the Dashboard sidebars and blog post listings pages. Today I'm looking at the blog post writing or editing page, where you write your blog post and add the publishing features to enhance its performance. Below is the new version Blog Posts tag in the Dashbo [...]

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Comparing blog post listings pages

This is the second in the series of comparing the new style with the old version. Previously I focused on the Dashboard sidebars. Now I shall look at how each blog post is listed in its blog post listings page. First, here's the new version: It is certainly bigger and clearer than the old version below: Where all the entries are tighter an [...]

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Comparing WordPress Dashboard sidebars

Below are the Dashboard sidebars. On the left is new, in the middle is old, and on the right is I will be concentrating on those from, but I wanted to show you my sidebar as an example. This is the one I grew up with, so it is the most familiar to me. Now if you want to know how to get to the [...]

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